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14kt Gold Cremation Jewelry to Hold Ashes

Gold Cremation JewelryFor thousands of years gold has been the premier metal of choice for making fine jewelry. Since gold has a high price in its purest form, an alloy of gold was created to bring it in affordable range. There are several gold alloys available, each designated by carats (kt) and they range from 9, 14, 18 and 22kt. 14kt gold cremation jewelry is the most common gold cremation jewelry on the market making it affordable. Gold in its alloy form will is stronger and will withstand most scratches and dings.

Composition of 14kt Gold Cremation Jewelry

14kt gold cremation jewelry contains about 58% pure gold with silver and copper taking up the remaining 42% of the alloy’s composition. The addition of copper and silver also strengthens the 14kt gold cremation jewelry and help to keep its shape for years to come. Pure gold on the other hand is very soft and it would be difficult to hold the screw in place which seals the cremated ashes chamber.

Gold Cremation Jewelry Designs

Gold Cremation Jewelry DesignsCremation jewelry made from 14kt gold is very popular and there are many beautiful and intriguing designs available. One of the most popular gold cremation jewelry designs is heart cremation pendants. Symbolizing love, they make the perfect memento to remember a loved one. Other popular gold jewelry designs include gold cross pendants, cylinder and urn jewelry and pet cremation jewelry. There are many different designs within these main categories of 14kt gold cremation jewelry.

Accessories for Gold Cremation Jewelry

Most all of gold cremation jewelry is available with a chain, but it is usually plated or gold filled. You can always take your 14kt gold cremation pendant to a jeweler to see if they have a gold chain that compliments your piece of cremation jewelry. Another option for when you are not wearing the jewelry is to display it in a display dome. They are available in a gold tone to accent your 14kt gold cremation jewelry pendant.

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