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Cremation Diamonds Made From Your Loved One’s Ashes

Cremation Diamonds from AshesPeople are always looking for different ways to memorialize their loved ones. Cremation diamonds are but another way to create a special remembrance for a beloved family member or pet that has passed on. Cremation diamonds are a relatively new concept that is gaining widespread appeal and their popularity is growing.

How Are They Made?

Cremation diamonds are synthetically made of the carbon obtained from your loved one’s cremated ashes or a lock of hair. Manmade Synthetic diamonds have been around for more than a half a century. The majority of these diamonds are produced for industrial purposes such as oil drilling bits and diamond cutting and polishing tools for the stone industry. However, in recent years technology has made it possible to manufacture gem-quality synthetic diamonds of a significant size. This possibility makes cremation diamonds a reality to the general public.

As for the actual creation process, here is a short video detailing the step by step process for making a diamond from a hair sample or cremated ashes.

What Can I Do With My Diamond?

You can mount your cremation diamond in any setting that you would a normal diamond. You can place it in a ring setting, a pendant, necklace, broche or even earrings. Once you get your cremation diamond, the best thing to do is take it to your jeweler and have them show you different settings or design a special ring or pendant around your diamond. Diamond cremation jewelry is discreet yet provides the person wearing it a unique way to memorialize their departed loved one.

Where Can I Order a Cremation Diamond?

While there are only a few manufacturers of cremation diamonds, they have partnered with funeral homes and memorialization retailers to provide these beautiful gems to the general public. Check with your local funeral home to see if they offer this option. You can also go online and search for “cremation diamonds” to see which companies offer them.

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