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Fingerprint Memorial Jewelry

FIngerprint Ring JewelryOne of the interesting things about the cremation jewelry market is that as it develops you get to see new and interesting ideas emerge. One such new idea is fingerprint memorial jewelry. This relatively new memorial jewelry product takes an interesting approach to creating a unique memorial for a loved one. Your loved one’s fingerprint, from either an ink print or actual fingerprint impression, is cast onto the surface of a specially designed jewelry pendant. The end result is a personalized piece of memorial jewelry complete with your loved one’s fingerprint.

Designs and Available Options

Fingerprint JewelryThe most common material used to make fingerprint memorial jewelry is precious metals such as 14kt gold or sterling silver.  These two metal choices are fashioned into many shapes such as hearts, tear drops, round pendants, and dog tag shaped pendants. Many of these designs are available with a gemstone and they can all be engraved on the back with your loved one’s name and dates. All of the fingerprint memorial jewelry pieces are available in two metal finishes including high polish, or satin finish. Some of these pendants can also hold the cremated ashes of your loved one.

Fingerprint Collection

When you purchase fingerprint jewelry, you will receive a fingerprint collection kit which consist of the materials necessary to get an actual fingerprint impression or make an ink print. You get to decide which type of print you want.  If you are unable to collect a fingerprint impression or ink print from the actual person, you can also use a fingerprint from an old document as long as it is in good condition.

Wearing Your Fingerprint Memorial Jewelry

The finished product is an everlasting memorial tribute to a departed loved one and a definite conversational piece. You will be able to carry a part of your loved one with you at all times and their memory will be with you always.

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