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Glass Cremation Jewelry from Ashes

Glassblowing has been around since just before Christ was born and has evolved into a fine art form from which many artists make their living. Today a handful of glassblowing artists have taken this art form to a new level by incorporating the cremated ashes of a departed loved one into precious glass cremation jewelry from ashes. These glass pendants are designed to be worn around one’s neck as a discreet memorial tribute to a family member who has passed on.

How is Glass Cremation Jewelry Made?

Glass Cremation JewelryGlass cremation jewelry from ashes are unique pieces of jewelry that are hand crafted one at a time using brilliantly colored glass. When you purchase one of these distinctive memorial jewelry pieces you are expected to send a small sample of your loved one’s cremated ashes which is then forwarded to the glass artist. The artist will take a small portion of your loved one’s cremated remains and integrate them into the glass cremation jewelry pendant during the molten process. The finish product is an exquisite work of art as unique as your family member was. You can actually see the cremation ash particles in the pendant if you look closely.

Where Can I Buy This Unique Product?

Cremation Glass JewelryPurchasing glass cremation jewelry is not something you can do by simply walking into a jewelry store. No, the most common place you will find them is on the internet by searching for terms like “glass cremation jewelry”. You will find many online stores selling this exceptional item, some even carry glass cremation pendants for pets as well. The only problem is finding the store that carries the exact glass pendant you want. Once you find the store, make sure to properly evaluate them as not all online stores operate in an ethical manner. If they did, there would not be terms like ‘internet fraud’!.

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