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Laser Engraved Photo Jewelry

People are always looking for different ways to memorialize their departed loved ones. As a result companies are coming up with new products to memorialize our family members who have passed on. One of the latest entries is laser engraved photo jewelry.

How are the Laser Photo Pendants Made?

Laser Engraved PendantThis unique type of memorial jewelry is made by the process of taking a photograph which is scanned into a special computer system. This system is designed to operate a laser engraver which engraves the photograph onto the pendant’s surface.

Laser engraved photo jewelry is available in many popular designs including heart shaped photo jewelry, oval photo jewelry, rectangle photo jewelry and round photo jewelry.  Laser photo engraved jewelry is also available in quality precious metals such as sterling silver and 14kt gold.

Personalizing Your Laser Photo Jewelry

Further personalization can be accomplished by engraving the person’s name and dates on the back of the laser photo pendant. Many sellers offer this option when you purchase laser photo engraved jewelry.

Where Can I Buy Laser Photo Jewelry?

Laser Engrave Photo JewelryPurchasing laser engraved photo jewelry can be a problem as most jewelry stores do not carry this type of product. You are better off searching the internet for terms like “laser engraved photo jewelry” or “laser engraved jewelry”. You will find companies like Everlife Memorials which carry a full line of memorial jewelry products including laser photo engraved jewelry.

When you do find a store that carries the jewelry you want to purchase, make certain to read our article about buying cremation jewelry online. You will find good tips on evaluating the different stores that sell laser engraved cremation jewelry.

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