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Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry to Put Ashes In

By virtue of its affordability, sterling silver cremation jewelry has become the most popular type of cremation jewelry on the market. Many online companies across the country offer sterling silver cremation jewelry in a wide variety of designs. Silver cremation jewelry is unique in that it offers a surviving family member the opportunity to carry a small amount of their loved one’s cremains.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver Cremation JewelrySterling silver is an alloy with silver being about 92.5% of the alloy’s content and the remaining 7.5% usually being copper. Copper is commonly used as the other metal in this alloy as it improves the silver’s hardness without affecting its illustrious color. Pure silver, on the other hand, is very soft and malleable. This characteristic makes it easy to damage or scratch and that is why the sterling silver alloy was created. Sterling silver cremation jewelry is durable and will be able to withstand handling a lot better than its pure counterpart.

Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry Designs

Cremation jewelry designs made from sterling silver are in abundance with silver hearts and silver crosses being the most popular. Some of the other available sterling silver cremation jewelry designs are:

  • Silver tear drop pendants
  • Silver angel wings
  • Silver infinity symbol
  • Silver round pendant
  • Silver fish (Ichthus) pendant

Of course there are many other sterling silver cremation jewelry designs. All one has to do is search the internet for terms like “silver cremation jewelry” and “sterling silver cremation jewelry”.

Purchasing Silver Cremation Jewelry

Many jewelry stores do not carry sterling silver cremation jewelry. It is best to check with your funeral home or better yet search the internet for this unique item. On the internet you’ll find many companies selling silver cremation jewelry. Just make certain you find a reputable company as you do not want to have any problems with your purchase experience.

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