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How to Put the Ashes in Cremated Remains Jewelry

Cross Pendant & FunnelThe demand for cremated remains jewelry is rising sharply. These unique jewelry pendants offer surviving family members with yet another way to memorialize their departed loved one. With the growing number of cremated remains jewelry designs people are having less trouble finding the perfect pendant to house the ashes of their departed loved one or pet. The only issue one finds when they receive their cremated remains jewelry pendant is putting the ashes into the jewelry piece.

Most cremated remains jewelry retailers offer instructions for placing the ashes into the pendant. However, some may not offer this option and figuring out how to do it is left entirely up to you. That is up until now as you have found this article that will help you do this simple task in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Cremation jewelry pendant openingFirst thing you want to do is identify the position and type of opening for the cremated remains compartment in the cremation jewelry pendant. Many cremated remains jewelry pendants open from the back side with a small screw opening. Others have a removable cap that resides at the top of the pendant. Still others such as the cylindrical cremated remains pendants have a threaded joint midway or to one side of the cylinder. Some of the filigree cylinder pendants contain a small glass vile inside to hold the ashes.

Cremation pendant in folds of a towelStep 2

Once you locate the opening, lay the cremation jewelry pendant on a flat surface preferably on a folded cloth or small towel. If the opening it at the top of the pendant, you can take the towel and bunch it up so it forms sharp folds from which you can place the cremated remains pendant inside one of these folds with the opening at the top.

Step 3

Next locate the small funnel (some jewelry pendants are supplied with one) and place the small end into the pendant opening. If your cremated remains jewelry did not come with a funnel, you can easily make one. Simply take a small piece of printer paper (about 4” x 4”) and roll it into a cone shape. Then take a piece of clear tape and secure it along the outer seam of the cone. Now take some scissors and cut a small piece of the tip of the cone off (just big enough to fit inside the pendant opening) and voila! You have a homemade funnel.

4 x 4 piece of paper for funnel Folding the paper into a funnel Cutting the tip off the funnel

Putting the ashes into the pendantStep 4

Place the funnel tip into the opening of the cremated remains pendant and using a plastic spoon scoop a small amount of the cremated remains and place them into the large opening of the funnel. Make certain to get the ashes that are very fine and powder like as they will travel down the funnel a lot easier.

Step 5

Tapping the pendant to get the ashes to the bottomAfter you have the ashes in the cremated remains jewelry pendant, tap the pendant on a table top to pack the cremated ashes into the pendant. Then, take the screw or cap and place it in/over the opening and screw it into place. For added security, you can use a little glue to hold the screw/cap in place. We recommend using a tiny dab of clear silicon caulking as it does not dry too quickly and allows for a little working time. You can use a toothpick to place a small dab on the threads of the screw shaft before covering the opening.

If the cremated remains jewelry has a screw on cap make certain the eyelet opening faces to the side so the chain threads properly and your pendant will rest flat against your chest.

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