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What is Cremation Jewelry for Ashes?

Cremation Jewelry for AshesCremation jewelry for ashes has become wildly popular as family members look for new ways to memorialize their loved ones who have been cremated. A unique aspect of cremation jewelry is that each piece has a small compartment for discreetly storing the ashes of your beloved family member. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes and metals.

Why Cremation Jewelry for Ashes?

When a beloved family member has passed on, a void is left for surviving family members. This emptiness can be very difficult for some to handle and the idea of being able to carry a part of your loved one in discreet cremation jewelry for ashes can help them through their grief.

What Types of Cremation Jewelry Pendants Are Available?

Since cremation jewelry’s inception, many manufacturers and providers have sprung up to offer a wide variety of cremation jewelry for ashes. This helps to serve a growing demand for options when it comes to jewelry for cremated remains. Among the many kinds of cremation jewelry available you will find the following popular categories:

Where Can I Buy Cremation Jewelry for Ashes?

If you are considering purchasing a cremation jewelry pendant for your family member’s ashes, don’t try going to your local jewelry store because odds are you won’t find it there. You can try the funeral homes in your area but, not all of them may carry cremation jewelry for ashes. The second and probably best place to look is the internet. Just type “cremation jewelry for ashes” into your favorite search engine and watch the cremation jewelry stores pop up in the search results page.

Of the many online cremation jewelry stores you find, make certain you buy from a reputable company. How can you tell which ones are reputable? Here is a checklist of what to look for in a reputable company:

  • Contact Information - Make sure they display their full contact information such as physical address, email and especially a phone number. You want to be able to talk to an actual company representative especially if a problem arises. Some internet companies will hide behind only an email address.
  • Secure Payments - If they accept online payments, make sure they offer secure payment processing to ensure your credit card info is protected. How can you tell? Look for the secure page url to begin with https:// with the ‘s’ signifying that the page is secure.
  • Privacy Policy – You’ve worked hard to make sure your private information stays that way. Don’t risk submitting your personal details to a shady company with no privacy policy posted. Make sure they offer full details on how your private information is handled.
  • Guarantee – what happens if you don’t like the cremation jewelry piece you received? Look for a guarantee policy that lets you return any jewelry piece that is resalable.

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