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How to Care For Your Cremation Jewelry Pendants

Cleaning cremation jewelry pendants requires a different technique than normal jewelry cleaning.

Because cremation jewelry pendants are essentially a ‘jewelry’ product, many believe they can be cared for the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cremation jewelry unlike normal jewelry has a small compartment for storing a small part of the cremated ashes. While many traditional jewelry cleaning methods call for the submersion of the jewelry into a cleansing liquid, doing this with cremation jewelry pendants is not recommended. It can cause seepage of the fluids into the chamber that holds the ashes causing irreversible damage.

Although the cremated ashes are secured inside the cremation jewelry pendant and sometimes sealed with glue, they are generally not water tight.

So what is the correct way to clean cremation jewelry pendants?

Proper Cremation Jewelry Cleaning

The best approach is to use a dry jewelry polishing cloth. Many jewelry stores supply them or you can find them on the internet from a host of suppliers.

Since gold cremation jewelry pendants do not tarnish, a simple cleaning with a jewelry cloth should do the trick. It may be easier to leave the cremation jewelry pendant on the chain so you can hold it by the chain with one hand while using the other hand with a jewelry polishing cloth to do the cleaning.

Cleaning Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Sterling silver cremation jewelry, on the other hand, can tarnish quite a bit and the more intricate the design the harder it can be to do a thorough cleaning. For cleaning this type of cremation jewelry start by using the method prescribed for gold cremation jewelry cleaning. If you still have some areas that need additional cleaning you can use a little bit of your favorite jewelry cleaning solution, but apply carefully with a q-tip and make certain to keep it away from the opening where the ashes are placed in.

It is not recommended to have your cremation jewelry pendants professionally cleaned as they may not understand the nature of this product and can cause damage to the ashes inside. With the proper cleaning materials and a little time you will be able to restore your cremation jewelry pendants to their original shine.

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