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So You Are Considering A Memorial Jewelry Piece?

Here are some things you should know about the different kinds of memorial jewelry that are available for purchase.

Memorial jewelry has grown in popularity over the last decade satisfying the rising need for cremation memorialization options. People grieve for their loss in different ways. Some choose a piece of memorial jewelry as a way to cope with their sadness. For those choosing this option, memorial jewelry serves as a remembrance bringing their departed loved one closer. There is quite an assortment of memorial jewelry items and here are some of the popular ones.

Cremation Memorial Jewelry Made of Metal

This is probably the most common kind of memorial jewelry for ashes. Cremation memorial jewelry allows for a small portion of the cremated remains to be stored within a tiny compartment and sealed. One nice attribute of metal cremation memorial jewelry is that you can find literally hundreds of different designs. The most familiar metals used in memorial jewelry to put ashes in are:

  • 14kt gold memorial jewelry
  • Sterling silver memorial jewelry
  • Titanium memorial jewelry
  • Bronze memorial jewelry
  • Pewter memorial jewelry

Memorial Jewelry Rings and Cremation Jewelry Bracelets

Memorial Jewelry RingsMemorial jewelry rings can be inscribed with your loved one’s name and dates usually on the inner part of the band. Memorial jewelry rings are most commonly seen in 14kt gold and sterling silver, but can also be made from other precious metals such as titanium and platinum. Some rings are capable of holding the cremated ashes of a loved one or pet.

Cremation jewelry bracelets by virtue of their name can also hold the cremated ashes of a loved one or pet. These bracelets come in different designs and are also available in the same metals such as memorial jewelry rings.

Glass Memorial Jewelry from Ashes

Glass Memorial Jewelry for AshesA relatively new concept in memorial jewelry is glass jewelry made from the cremated ashes. These unique pieces of jewelry are crafted by a glass artist in which they take a small amount of the cremated ashes and incorporate them into the glass blowing process. Thus, the ashes become a permanent part of the glass memorial jewelry piece itself. You will find glass memorial jewelry in a host of brilliant color combinations and shapes, each one dazzling with a life of their own.

Fingerprint Memorial Jewelry

Fingerprint Memorial JewelryFingerprint memorial jewelry involves a unique process that takes an actual fingerprint impression or ink print and transfers it to a memorial jewelry pendant made from metal. Some of these jewelry pieces can hold the cremated remains of a loved one and are also available with a birthstone/gemstone. They are offered in several precious metals including 18kt gold, 14kt yellow gold and white gold and sterling silver. When you purchase this item a fingerprint collection kit is sent to you.

Cremation Diamond Memorial Jewelry

Cremation Diamond Memorial JewelryDiamonds made from the cremains of a loved one made their debut a few years ago. Making synthetic diamonds from a carbon source has been around for more than half a century. It was only a matter of time that the carbon from the cremated remains of a person, and in some cases a pet, would be used as the carbon source to manufacture these truly unique gemstones. Cremation diamond jewelry offers a surviving spouse or family member the opportunity to create an amazingly distinctive jewelry piece. A majority of cremation diamonds are colored as the synthetic process makes this more possible.

Even though most of these memorial jewelry options are cremation jewelry, they can all be used as a memorial jewelry piece without any ashes. Choosing the right piece is up to you and more information on each kind of memorial jewelry is linked to from this article.

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