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What Types of Cremation Urn Jewelry Are There?

Cremation Urn JewelryCremation urn jewelry is used to describe the type of jewelry that holds a small portion of the cremated ashes. This type of jewelry is growing in demand and has lead manufacturers and artists to create many unique and different types of cremation urn jewelry. Here are some of the more popular types of cremation urn jewelry that hold ashes and are available to the public.

Metal Urn Jewelry

This is probably the broadest category of cremation urn jewelry. This type of jewelry made from metal can be fashioned in to many shapes and styles. Among the different metals used you will find:

14kt Gold Jewelry Urns – Made from mostly 14kt gold cremation urn jewelry, but you can also find some jewelry made from 18kt gold and also gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Urns – This is by far the most popular metal cremation jewelry is purchased in. You will find many unique designs made from sterling silver.

Titanium Jewelry Urns – A few years ago titanium made its debut in the cremation jewelry market. This very unique metal is fashioned into some very interesting urn jewelry designs.

Bronze & Pewter Jewelry Urns – An economical choice for metal urn jewelry, these two alloys are used to make cremation jewelry that is very affordable.

Pet Urn JewelryPet Urn Jewelry

Pet urn jewelry can be found in many of the same styles as regular cremation jewelry for people. Additionally you can find pet cremation jewelry designed in such pet themed pieces as a dog bone, paw prints, yarn ball, cat silhouette and a dog.

Glass Keepsake Urn Vessels

Glass Keepsake Urn JewelryMany glass artists have taken notice to the cremation market and have contributed unique creations of their own. One useful item is glass keepsake urn vessels that are hand blown in an artist’s studio. They resemble tiny glass urns with a removable top in which you place the ashes in. Since they are made from hand blown glass, you can find them in a wide variety of brilliant colors.

Fingerprint Urn Jewelry

Fingerprint Urn JewelryA fairly new product, fingerprint urn jewelry features your loved ones fingerprint cast on the front of the cremation pendant. They are available in several precious metal types and can also secure a small portion of your loved ones ashes. Currently there is only a heart and teardrop styles but, there are many other styles of fingerprint memorial jewelry that do not hold cremated ashes.

Religious Urn Jewelry

Religious Urn JewelryThere are many cremation jewelry pendants designed with a religious theme in mind. Among the most popular urn jewelry pieces you will find crosses in many styles, angels, praying hands, doves, and the Star of David. Many of these religious urn jewelry pendants are available in a variety metals including 14kt gold and sterling silver.

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