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Cat Cremation Jewelry for Your Beloved Feline

For many pet lovers who have lost a cherished cat, cremation is the option chosen at their time of death. Once completed, pet owners have their choice of putting their cat’s ashes in one of many urns designed for cat ashes. Now, cat cremation jewelry gives bereaved pet owners yet another option. A cat cremation jewelry pendant can store a small portion of the cat’s cremated remains securely and discreetly.

What Cat Cremation Jewelry Options Are Available?

Cat Cremation JewelryCat lovers can find an assortment of cat cremation jewelry for their departed feline friend in designs such as a yarn ball, a cat paw print, a cat laying in bed, and a cat figurine pendant. In addition you will find the usual heart shaped pendants and cross pendants that are popular as well for humans. Again, all of these cat cremation jewelry pendants have the ability to hold the cremated ashes of your cat.

A relatively new addition to the pet cremation jewelry line up is glass cremation jewelry for pets and pet cremation diamonds. Both of these pet memorial jewelry options incorporate the actual ashes into the production process.

Is the Quality the Same?

Pet owners often wonder if the quality of the cat cremation jewelry they buy is the same as the cremation jewelry for humans. The answer is definitely yes. You will find precious metals such as 14kt gold and sterling silver used to make cat cremation jewelry and the main difference on the two types of cremation jewelry are the designs.

Where Can I Find Cat Cremation Jewelry?

Cat Cremation PendantThe best place to find cat cremation jewelry is on the internet of course. Jewelry stores normally do not stock this unique item. The only other local source would be a pet funeral home or pet crematory possibly. Just be sure to look for a reputable online store before you make a transaction as not all online businesses operate fairly.












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