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Dog Cremation Jewelry that Holds Ashes

Man’s best friend has become an important part of the family as evidenced by the billions of dollars spent on these lovable pets. Even in their death our dogs are treated with the same dignity afforded to our human family members. We memorialize them in similar ways and buy dog cremation jewelry for our beloved pet’s ashes is not uncommon.

Types of Dog Cremation Jewelry

Dog Cremation JewelryThe growing need to memorialize our departed pets has yielded many new designs in dog cremation jewelry. Among the available designs you will find such charming pendants like a dog bone, paw print, dog shape and even a dog house. Each one is capable of holding a small portion of the cremated ashes of your beloved canine family member. In addition you can find some dog cremation jewelry that actually incorporates your dog’s cremated ashes into the jewelry piece such as glass cremation jewelry and cremation diamonds for dogs.

What is The Quality of Dog Cremation Jewelry?

Dog cremation jewelry, like most other cremation jewelry products, is made from precious metals such as 14kt gold and sterling silver. Each of these metal types is expertly crafted into the different designs that are used to memorialize our special pets. You can expect the quality to be no different from the jewelry you are accustomed to purchasing.

Where Do I Buy this Jewelry Product?

Dog Bine Cremation JewelryYou won’t find dog cremation jewelry in your local jewelry store, nor will many funeral homes carry them with the exception of pet funeral homes. However, pet funeral homes are still a growing breed and they are few and far between. You may ask your pet crematory or even your trusted veterinarian if they know where to by dog cremation jewelry.

The best place to look for dog cremation jewelry is the internet. Doing a quick search on the web will yield many companies selling this unique jewelry item. Also you will find many of the internet stores selling this product to have very competitive pricing. Just make sure you buy from a reputable online store.











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