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Pet Memorial Jewelry Options for Your Cherished Pet

Dog Bone Cremation JewelryOur pets are part of our family and as such they deserve to be remembered like a family member. If your pet was cremated, you can choose pet memorial jewelry to serve as a memorial tribute to your little friend. The jewelry is worn to keep your beloved pet close to your heart at all times. Pet memorial jewelry is available in a variety of styles. Some pet jewelry can hold a small portion of the cremated ashes in a chamber within the pendant, while others can have the ashes incorporated into the design such as the glass pendants. Here are some popular styles of pet memorial jewelry available for sale to the public.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Paw Print Pet Cremation JewelryAvailable in a wide variety of styles, metals and designs, pet cremation jewelry is by far the most popular type of pet memorial jewelry sold. Pet owners love the fact that they can take a small portion of their pet’s cremated ashes and store them in a small chamber within the pendant.

Metal types vary from 14kt gold, gold vermeil, bronze, pewter and the ever popular sterling silver. The great aspect of pet cremation jewelry made from metal is that virtually any shape is possible. You will find pendants in the shape of paw prints, dog bones, a yarn ball, birds, turtles and even crosses, hearts as well as other unique designs.

Glass Pet Memorial Jewelry

Glass Pet Cremation JewelryGlass, with its brilliant color possibilities, has been an exciting medium in the art world. Glass blowers have found a way to incorporate the cremated ashes of your pet into the blowing process to create unique and very special glass pet memorial jewelry pieces. These dazzling memorial pendants can be worn around your neck as a discreet piece of cremation jewelry.

Photo Pet Memorial Jewelry

Pet Laser Photo JewelryIf you have a good photograph of your pet, it can be laser engraved onto the surface of a photo pet memorial jewelry pendant. These wonderful pendants are available in sterling silver and 14kt gold. Usually the backside can be engraved with a short name and dates. There are also pet photo pendants that can hold an actual photograph of your beloved pet.


Paw Print Pet Memorial Jewelry

Paw Print Memorial JewelryA recent addition to pet memorial jewelry is paw print memorial jewelry that are cast in gold or silver and worn as a necklace. These unique jewelry pieces feature you pet’s actual paw print impression cast onto the surface of the pendant. You can even cast your pet’s nose if it is small enough to fit on a pendant. Some pieces feature the addition of a gemstone alongside the print impression.

Pet Memorial Diamonds

Pet Cremation DiamondsUsing the cremated ashes of your pet as a carbon source, a pet memorial diamond is created in a lab and worn in a ring setting or other piece of jewelry as a remembrance. You can have your pet memorial diamond made in one of several colors and cuts. Lab diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds but, can be had for a better price. The main benefit of lab diamonds is that the finished product is derived from your pet’s ashes.

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